What we do

D’Arros Experience

The D’Arros Experience is a marine-filled, breathtaking, week-long adventure of a lifetime! Students spend every waking moment immersed in the incredible natural beauty of the Outer Island of D’Arros and nearby St Joseph Atoll – and even asleep, they no doubt dream about the sharks and turtles they’ve seen each day. In partnership with the Save Our Seas Foundation and SOSF D’Arros Research Centre, our team of enthusiastic educators and scientists share their passion for the ocean with the young explorers.

Students embark on daily reef snorkels, nesting turtle night walks, manta ray boat surveys, tree planting to rehabilitate the forest, beach clean-ups, turtle tagging, mangrove snorkelling… and the list goes on! They encounter more sharks, turtles and rays in one week than most people see in a lifetime, and learn much about these animals and the marine environment.