What we do

Collaboration with Natural History Museum

In collaboration with the Natural History Museum (NHM), SOSF Island School Seychelles/ Lekol Zil Sesel (SOSF) runs a series of exciting marine-awareness and education sessions for children of primary-school age in the Seychelles.
These sessions are normally held on the first Saturday of each month at the NHM from 9 to 11 am (this sometimes varies, so check our calendar for the date of the next session). Though the sessions are ideally suited to young people between 4 and 12 years, everyone is welcome to drop by and join in.
The activities help make everyone aware of the value of our marine environment and encourage them to appreciate its flora and fauna and the natural heritage as a whole. Crafts, drawing, colouring, games, films, talks and songs are just some of the activities, and by conveying information through them we are true to the motto of the NHM: ‘We conserve, nature conserves us.’
Each session focuses on a different marine animal, habitat or relevant topic.