D’Arros Experience: My Experience of Corals and Fish

By Stana Mousbe, 30th May 2014

Photo by Philippa Ehrlich | © Save Our Seas Foundation

My name is Stana. I am 12 years old from Beau-Vallon Secondary. It was really a pleasure to be one of the children that came to D’Arros.

Photograph by Michael Scholl © Save Our Seas Foundation

On the third day of our camp, we went out snorkeling on the reef in front of the chalets at D’Arros. The visibility was really great so I got to observe the corals and fish. It was wonderful to explore the reef and discover the species around there.

After that, coral Abbie gave us a talk about corals and fish. It was quite easy for me to recognize most of the corals I saw.

My favourite ones are the lace corals. They come in the colours pink and orange and live in small colonies of 5 to 15 cm. Their branches are fine pointed. There is also the brain coral. They form colonies in domes, mounds, and thick plates with short or long valleys in between.

Photo by Philippa Ehrlich | © Save Our Seas Foundation

Stylophora colonies are variable and their branches have blunt or slightly flattened ends. I really like those corals because they attract me with their colours and patterns.

Photo by Philippa Ehrlich | © Save Our Seas Foundation

On the reef there are lots of lovely fishes. The ones I love the most are the butterfly fishes and the red fin species. They are really attractive and like to swim in pairs, which is really cool. I also like the silver diamond fish, which swim in schools. They are silver with yellow edges. Then there are the fusiliers. They are purple or blue and also swim in schools.

Photograph by Alessia Lavigne © Save Our Seas Foundation Copyright 2014

I really enjoyed snorkeling and I can’t wait to meet more beautiful species.