D’Arros Experience: Amazing Mantas

By Dianya Athananse, 9th June 2014

By Dianya Athananse

For me, manta rays are the most beautiful creature in the ocean. They are an amazing, gentle species and they are also rare.

Last sunny Monday afternoon, we all went out for a manta survey. Chris and some other adults joined us on the boat. When the trip began, we were all excited to see the largest rays- the manta rays. Along the trip we saw a few turtles. We didn’t know what kind of turtle, because they were very far away from us. They were putting their little heads out of the water.

The sea was a little bit choppy. We were very noisy along the way. We were so lucky. We saw 3 manta rays swimming and relaxing along the sea surface. We were all so happy. We were laughing, shouting and jumping around.

The divers jumped into the water to go and take some pictures. On every manta survey, they take pictures to identify the unique spots of individuals. They also took a video. The manta rays were swimming around. It was very fun. Then we traveled around the rest of the island. It took some time, but it was amazing.


Photograph by Chris Boyes | © Copyright 2014