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Here the SOSF team will share announcements and insights, as well as videos, photos and other resources that we think are worth spreading. Follow these posts to stay up to date with our latest news and activities.

SOSF Update

Eugenie Clark Award

The new Eugenie Clark Award will ensure that the legacy of the ‘Shark Lady’ lives on and that future female scientists continue to contribute to it. Launched last week by the American Elasmobranch Society (AES), with the support of the…

SOSF Update

2016 Small Grant – call for applications

The Save Our Seas Foundation invites applications for small projects for our Small Grants during the funding period of 2016. This grant is designed for short (12- to 18-month) and small (grants average 5,000 USD) projects dedicated to early career…

SOSF Update

Q & A with Chris Scarffe

Today, the film Mother Ocean will be screened at the National History Museum in Maputo, Mozambique. The screening will be attended by numerous important decision-makers in the hope that they will be inspired to protect their country’s marine megafauna. The…

SOSF Update

Seal playground

Creating a magazine from start to finish is not an easy task, especially when you are passionate about the product and the content it features. Save Our Seas Foundation CEO Michael Scholl and designer Peter Scholl were recently at the…

SOSF Update

Galapagos BRUV expedition reveals first footage of rare hound shark in the wild

The Galapagos Islands are inhabited by a diversity of species, both terrestrial and marine, so vast that it was among the insights that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Researchers David Acuña and Dr Pelayo Salinas de León from the…

SOSF Update

New BBC Shark trilogy

For the past two years, a team from the BBC’s Natural History Unit has been travelling the world to make ‘Shark’, the ultimate wildlife trilogy on these extraordinary yet misunderstood animals. Using the latest ultra HD and high-speed-camera technology to…

SOSF Update

Sharks in the birthplace of evolution

Darwin’s theory of evolution revolutionised our understanding of the natural world. In September 1835 he travelled aboard the Beagle to the Galapagos Islands, which lie on the equator almost 1,000 km west of South America. For five weeks Darwin moved…

SOSF Update

In memory of Eugenie Clark

An eminent and pioneering scientist, accomplished author and role model, Dr Eugenie Clark has informed and inspired the lives of many. Throughout her life she showed courage and enthusiasm, breaking new ground and cracking marine conundrums – particularly in the…

SOSF Update

#goodsharkkarma version 2.0

Following the success of our 2014 #goodsharkkarma (hyperlink link to blog) campaign at the Wavescape Surf Film Festival’s Clifton 4th Beach Screening, we were excited to recreate the magic during 2015, but go BIGGER and BETTER. We decided to tap…